Pizza Sandwiches

This is barely a recipe – it’s just one of those tasty ideas that made me wonder why I’d never thought of it before. I love cheese toasties and this is even better – oozy cheese, rich basil and spicy pepperoni, perfect to satisfy a pizza craving when you’ve only got five minutes. I’m putting this up especially for the lovely Amelia Stitson, who complained that my other recipes were too hard! This one is definitely at the other extreme, but honestly, once you give it a go you’ll realise the others are pretty easy after all…

Ingredients for one toasty:
Two slices of bread
A couple of thick slices of cheddar cheese
A few pieces of salami or pepperoni
Fresh basil

Arrange the cheese on top of one of the slices of bread, spread with pesto, and then arrange the salami and basil on top. Finish off with the other slice of bread and cook in the toaster using a toasty bag (these are brilliant, see the Kitchen Bits and Bobs page for more details) or using a normal sandwich-maker. Eat them while they’re hot!