Restaurant Review: Seafoods

I have to admit that although this place is a bona fide restaurant, I’ve only ever eaten their food as a takeaway – really, we treat it as a chippy. But please don’t dismiss it straightaway, because honestly, it’s an absolutely fantastic chippy.

I have to credit the fabulous Emily “Mongoose” King with introducing me to Seafoods (click here for more details), during our fourth year of university. It’s a classic of the genre – a warm, steamy room with tall fogged-up windows, the menu chalked on a blackboard, and a view straight into the kitchen where the greasy magic happens. The chips are crunchy on the outside and fluffy in the middle, the batter is crisp, and the fish inside is tender enough to fall apart in creamy white flakes. I can also recommend the salmon fishcakes, which are rich and perfectly seasoned.

The service is fairly average, but brisk and efficient, the portions are piled high with slapdash generosity, and the prices are seriously good value. My boyfriend and I tend to share a jumbo portion of cod and a large portion of chips between the two of us, for less than £8 in total, and even though it’s delicious enough to keep you pigging out long after you’re full, there’s still always some left over. My only – only – criticism is that they have the nerve to charge 25p per sachet of ketchup, but it seems like every chippy is similarly cheeky these days.

Next time you’re in Bath and in need of a quick takeaway supper, seriously consider this place, on Kingsmead St. It is everything a good fish and chip shop should be – cheap, greasy and totally awesome.