Bertinet Bakery

The Bertinet company is one of Bath’s most scrumptious secrets, combining a fabulous cookery school, a mouth-watering bakery, and most recently, a lovely little café on New Bond St Place. I can’t personally vouch for the classes, as my funds haven’t quite stretched to that yet, but the café is a delight – flooded with sunlight from wide windows overlooking the narrow bustling passages between Parade Gardens and Milsom Street, and filled with the delicious aroma of fresh bread wafting from the bakery downstairs. 
Each table comes equipped with a gorgeous little red toaster, so you can order a bucket of fresh bread (their words, not mine), and savour it one warm slice at a time, slathered with butter and preserves. Or you can sample one of the pastries - a friend of mine speaks highly of the almond croissants – perhaps dipped in a bowl of hot chocolate, just as the French do at breakfast time. If you’ve only got time to pop into the bakery, make sure you grab some of the sourdough, made with Bertinet’s own special ferment starter and perfect for making fabulous sandwiches, or ask the friendly chaps behind the counter about the fresh patisseries available that day.
This place is delectable – it oozes French taste and sophistication like warm, melted butter, spread thickly on the comforting, dependable toast of fine British ingredients. And after a simile like that, how can you resist?