Restaurant Review: Metropolitan Café, Bloomsbury

You may already know Bloomsbury, a narrow, high-ceilinged shop on the corner of New Bond Street and Milsom Street, crammed with witty knick-knacks and off-kilter gift ideas, but what you might not have noticed is the little café tucked away upstairs. It’s a cosy little place, with a view across the busy corner that’s perfect for people‑watching, and a pleasant, friendly atmosphere.

I popped down towards the end of the afternoon, so I didn’t try the lunch offerings (which are vegetarian and organic), although there were some delicious smells wafting around. Instead I opted for a cup of tea (extra brownie points to the Metropolitan Café for serving decaffeinated, which is sometimes hard to find) and a chocolate cherry biscuit slice. The cakes are all homemade, and although they’re a teeny bit expensive for what they are, they certainly deliver on taste. The chums I was meeting went for a white chocolate and raspberry muffin and a ginger cake respectively, and pronounced them both delicious. There was a great variety of hot drinks available, including excellent coffee and a big choice of different teas, and my friend declared the hot chocolate to be particularly good.

This is a lovely place to relax after a hard morning’s shopping, although if you’re heading there for lunch, don’t dawdle, as tables are limited! The busyness was, I’m sure, a testament to the quality of the food which I didn’t get to try, and I’ll definitely be heading back to give it a go.