Restaurant Review: Yak Yeti Yak

One of the most wonderful things about Bath is that due to its age, there’s one or sometimes even two storeys hidden away under today’s street-level, making a warren of little stone-walled rooms with vaulted ceilings and arched openings. Most of the city’s best bars and restaurants are tucked away down here, including the fabulous Yak Yeti Yak, and it makes for a great atmosphere.

This wonderful Nepalese restaurant is easily visible at street level, from the tattered prayer flags lining its red-painted railings and the wooden staircase which leads down through a tiny garden of hanging baskets and shrubs towering in big earthenware pots. Inside, there’s a series of small, cosy rooms, where you can either take a seat in one of the cushion-lined alcoves along the wall or go for a more unusual experience and eat from a low table, sitting on the floor. The whole place is lit by candles and decorated with beautiful works of Nepalese art, and the tables are laid with bright woven cloths and gleaming brass tableware.

My friends and I ordered pork momos to start, which are delicious soft dumplings with a spicy pork filling (click here to get my recipe – they were so good I had to have a go at making them!), as well as some amazing salmon, coated in a rich mixture of spices and deep-fried. So often, salmon seems to be served in exactly the same unimaginative ways, so this was really original as well as completely mouth-watering.

For our second course, we ordered the restaurant’s two signature dishes – beautifully tender lamb stir-fried with cumin, and a rich beef dish with sweet, juicy peppers – as well as poppadums and natural yoghurt. The flavours complimented each other fabulously and we scraped our plates clean.

This is a charming little place – the service was very friendly (and although it wasn’t as swift as it could’ve been, the restaurant was very busy) and the prices are pretty reasonable, considering the high quality of the food, although you do have to buy your side dishes (such as rice) separately. Yak Yeti Yak has a fantastic atmosphere and the food is heavenly – try it soon.