Happy birthday!

Blimey, where did the last year go? It was exactly one year ago that I published my very first post on Sal's Kitchen, & what a lovely year it's been. Of course, it's largely down to you, lovely reader (you're looking great today, by the way - have you been working out?) - over the past 12 months you and you and you have visited various bits of my blog a total number of 10,289 times, which is pretty flabbergasting.

According to the stats provided by Blogger you, lovely reader, are most likely to be from the United Kingdom or the USA (not too many surprises there) but if you're not, then you're most likely to be reading this from Russia, which is rather exciting. If you are, then приве́т!

You are also most likely to be a Windows-user, but the most popular browser is Safari, so perhaps, like me, you occasionally pretend that your bog-standard laptop is a MacBook Air (shhh, don't tell anyone). You are, however, much more likely to be an iPhone user than an Android fan.

Your favourite post of all time, by a huge margin, was Mars Bar Cookies. These little beauties really seem to have something about them because "Mars Bar Cookies" is also the Google search term that brings the most people to my little corner of the Internet. Your second favourite recipe was Virgin Curry, which I must admit I'm rather surprised by - it's an unusual recipe, not in an exotic & fancy way, but in a didn't-think-those-ingredients-would-go-together-but-actually-they-do kind of way. Of course, it's always been a firm favourite in my family, but I'm rather touched to see that it's obviously a firm favourite with you lot too. My nana would be proud.

The page you visited most was, not unexpectedly, the Recipes page, but after that the next most popular was the 10 Minute Meals tab. If you're a fan of speedy food (& if you are, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, as I find whipping up something delicious in 10 minutes quite as satisfying as taking 3 hours over it) then watch this space, as I have a recipe eBook in the pipeline for fast & fabulous meals. More news on that soon!

All that remains now is for me to cut a large slice of birthday cake (yes, I did bake it especially, & no, I'm not ashamed to admit it) and toast you, lovely reader, with a big mug of tea. Thanks for reading, & if you have enjoyed my scribbles over the last year, do leave a message below & say hello.