Homemade Oregano Popcorn

I can’t believe I’d never tried making my own popcorn before – it’s so unbelievably easy! You can add any flavours you like, but a nice woody herb like oregano or rosemary makes delicious savoury popcorn, perfect for nibbling with a drink before dinner. Now that I’ve discovered how fabulously simple making popcorn is, keep an eye out for more flavour ideas coming soon!
100g popping corn
120g salted butter
1 tbsp dried oregano
2 tbsp vegetable oil, for popping the corn

Makes enough for about 4 people to snack on

Place a heavy bottomed saucepan (ideally one with a glass lid, so you can see what’s going on inside – but any large pan with a lid will do) on a medium heat and add the vegetable oil. Allow it to heat for about thirty seconds, then add the popping corn and put the lid on. Holding the lid firmly, give the pan a good shake to coat the kernels with oil. 

Don’t worry if it takes a little while for the corn to start popping – once it starts, the whole lot will go really quickly. Give it a shake every now and then to encourage the kernels to pop. Once the popping has stopped, take the pan off the heat and put it to one side, with the lid still on.

Now is the time to prepare your flavoured butter – cut it into rough chunks and scrape into a microwaveable bowl, with the dried oregano (or whatever else you want to use for flavouring). Microwave in short bursts until the butter is completely melted, then pour over the popcorn, add a generous sprinkling of salt and stir well. Crack open a cold beer and eat it while it’s still warm – gorgeous.