Cheaper Than Chips: cook from scratch & save money!

Well, I’ve been hinting about it for a while, but it’s time to make it official – my new recipe ebook, Cheaper Than Chips, will be coming out this September! Each chapter focuses on one of my best money-saving tips, with delicious recipes to help you put each of them into practice, from breakfast to dinner with treats, desserts and even Sunday lunch thrown in. I firmly believe that by avoiding the tempting supermarket shortcuts and cooking your own meals, you can not only save money but eat better food as well. The recipes in this book aren’t cheap on flavour – instead, it’s all about using the right ingredients intelligently to make mouth-watering meals for less.

If you’re new to cooking, then don’t worry – I’ve provided plenty of help on stocking up your kitchen and doing your food shopping, plus a whole bunch of recipes that range from seriously easy to really rather impressive-looking (while still remaining pretty straightforward). And if you’ve been cooking for years, I’m still confident that this book will be really useful to you – with most people counting their pennies a bit more carefully these days, we can all stand to save a little.

I’ll be running a few competitions and giveaways over the next few months, so keep your eyes open for the chance to grab a copy of my book absolutely free!