Millionaire's Money Pots

I’ve always loved millionaire’s shortbread – the combination of flavours and textures is fabulously indulgent. When Lindt got in touch and asked if I fancied coming up with a recipe using their chocolate, I thought it would be fun to turn this tea-time favourite into an elegant dessert. Layers of golden biscuit, gooey salted caramel, and Lindt’s Excellence Dark Sesame Intense, softened with a little butter and syrup, all topped off with whipped cream – how can you possibly resist? The bitter edge of the dark chocolate goes beautifully with the sweetness of the rest of the dessert, and the sesame itself echoes the saltiness of the caramel.


100g Hobnobs (about 6)
50g salted butter
1 tbsp golden syrup
For the caramel:
25g butter
25g light brown sugar
25g caster sugar
1 tbsp golden syrup
50ml double cream
Coarse sea salt
For the chocolate layer:
70g dark sesame Lindt
30g butter
Golden syrup
To finish:
Whipped cream
Sesame seeds

Makes two

This dessert needs to be made in several stages, so it’s not a quick recipe, but you can do it ahead of time. Start by making the biscuit base. Crush the biscuits into fine crumbs, and then melt the butter and mix together with the biscuit crumbs and the golden syrup. Divide between two glasses and press down into a solid layer at the bottom. Push it neatly up to the edges. Place the glasses in the fridge so the biscuit can solidify while you make the caramel.

To make the caramel, measure out the butter, sugars and golden syrup into a pan and warm gently, stirring regularly. Once all the ingredients have combined into a smooth golden mixture, remove the pan from the heat and add the cream, beating vigorously until combined. Finally, add a pinch of sea salt and taste – how salty you want it to be is up to you.

Allow the caramel to cool and thicken for ten minutes or so, stirring every now and then. Once it’s cooled, pour into the two glasses, tipping them to allow it to spread into an even layer, and return to the fridge. Leave for half an hour.

Finally, make the chocolate layer – simply melt all the ingredients together in a microwave, stirring frequently. In case you’re wondering, you need to add the butter and syrup so that the chocolate will be soft enough to eat with a spoon – if you just use chocolate it will set rock hard. Pour the mixture into the glasses, tipping again so that it spreads out evenly (if you use a spoon to spread the chocolate out, it will set matt rather than glossy). Return to the fridge until you’re ready to serve.

To finish the desserts off, whip a little cream and add a dollop to each glass with a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Yum!