Elderflower & Lavender Iced Tea

I absolutely love iced tea – it’s just the most refreshing thing when the weather gets warm. My lovely chums at Yuyo Drinks have just launched a new & improved range of yerba mate and infusions, and when I tried their Rooibos Rewind with lavender and elderflower, I knew it would make the most amazing iced tea, so here’s my recipe. I’ve used a little of my homemade elderflower cordial – you can get the recipe here, and you’ll be able to find wild elderflowers soon (they usually appear in May) so keep an eye out. Alternatively, of course, you could just buy a good quality cordial.

3 Yuyo Drinks Rooibos Rewind teabags
1.5l water
200ml elderflower cordial (get my homemade recipe)
1 lemon
Plenty of ice

This recipe is really simple, but it does need a bit of time - mainly for the tea to cool after it’s brewed - so bear that in mind. First, boil 1.5l water, pour into a large bowl or jug that you can fit in the fridge, and add the teabags. Leave to brew for five minutes, then give it a really good stir and discard the teabags. Leave to cool on the counter until it’s room temperature, and then put in the fridge for a couple of hours.

To finish, simply add 200ml of elderflower cordial and mix well. Serve with plenty of ice and slices of lemon.